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The President
784 Greenwood Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45229
Phone: 513-475-5923
Fax: 513-475-5597

From I-75 N, take the Mitchell Ave exit and turn right. From I-75 S, take the same exit and turn left. Drive down Mitchell to Clinton Springs. Turn right onto Reading Rd. and your new home is located at the corner of Greenwood and Reading Rds.

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      Security Rug Cleaning Company
    1776 Tennessee Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Single-family housing construction
    Phone: (513) 242-1431


      Frank Messer & Sons, Inc.
    4612 Paddock Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Nonresidential construction, misc
    Phone: (513) 242-1541


      Apollo Heating & Ac
    1730 Tennessee Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Plumbing, heating, air-conditioning
    Phone: (513) 242-5522


      William A Natorp Company Inc.
    4400 Reading Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Ornamental nursery products
    Phone: (513) 242-1375


      Klosterman Baking Company
    4760 Paddock Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Bread, cake and related products
    Phone: (513) 242-1004


      Varland Metal Service, Inc.
    3231 Fredonia Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Plating and polishing
    Phone: (513) 861-0555


      Funch Lumber Company
    4631 Reading Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Lumber, plywood, and millwork
    Phone: (513) 242-6400


      Richards Electric Supply Company
    4620 Reading Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Electncal apparatus and equipment
    Phone: (513) 242-8800


      Neil Kravitz Group Sales, Inc.
    821 Melbourne Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Toys and hobby goods and supplies
    Phone: (513) 961-8697


      M & M Metals International, Inc.
    840 Dellway Street
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Scrap and waste materials
    Phone: (513) 221-4411


      Nurre Building Material Company, Inc.
    4686 Paddock Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Lumber and other building materials
    Phone: (513) 242-3225


      Rahe's Foods, Inc.
    4756 Paddock Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Meat and fish markets
    Phone: (513) 641-1770


      Negro Sightless Soc Of Ohio
    3603 Washington Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Trusts: educational, religious, etc.
    Phone: (513) 961-0144


      Sun Rise Holidays, Inc.
    4443 Reading Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Hotels and motels
    Phone: (513) 242-1333


      Weil Funeral Home
    3901 Reading Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Funeral service and crematories
    Phone: (513) 281-0178


      Freiberg Orthopaedic Group
    3120 Burnet Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Offices and clinics of medical doctors
    Phone: (513) 221-5311


      Premier Medical Associates
    3200 Burnet Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Offices and clinics of medical doctors
    Phone: (513) 569-2000


      University Psychiatric Professional Services
    231 Bethesda Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Offices and clinics of medical doctors
    Phone: (513) 558-6600


      University Surgical Group
    Room 1478
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Offices and clinics of medical doctors
    Phone: (513) 558-6348


      Golden Age Care Center, Inc.
    3635 Reading Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Industry: Skilled nursing care facilities
    Phone: (513) 281-1922

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